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Four Seasons Quality, also known as FSQ, is in the business of marketing high-quality roses in both Europe and various other international destinations. Most of these roses come from Ecuador. Since its foundation, Four Seasons Quality has become a standard in the world of roses when it comes to quality and reliability. The roses from Ecuador, which meet Four Seasons Quality’s strict quality requirements, are sent to the Netherlands on conditioned and direct flights.

Upon arrival in the Netherlands, the roses are carefully received by our agent at Schiphol Airport and transported directly to our branch in De Kwakel. Immediately after they arrive, the roses are unpacked in our processing area. They are then cut, inspected for diseases, deviations, length and ripeness and then placed in water with a pre-processing substance. A large part of the roses will be sold before they even arrive in De Kwakel.

After processing, the roses are placed in the cooling room automatically and divided per buyer. Deliveries are made the next day, so that the roses have always spent one night in water in the cooling room. To guarantee the optimal quality of the products, a quality report is drawn up for each incoming shipment. Each of these reports is discussed with the breeder.

Every day, flights carrying roses for Four Seasons Quality leave Ecuador for the Netherlands. This allows us to always supply fresh roses to our clients. Four Seasons Quality is open seven days a week for processing, sales and purchase of our products. This allows Four Seasons Quality to accurately respond to developments in the market and offer high-quality products and optimal service to its clients.

This is a brief overview of how Four Seasons Quality conducts its business, but you surely understand that this is not all we do. Every day, the people of Four Seasons Quality are striving to further optimise our processes related to product range, purchasing, quality management and sales.

Four Seasons Quality also has close relations with many rose enhancers. As part of these cooperative agreements, we test many new species in Ecuador. This is one of the key aspects that will allow the company to stay on top of the game in the future.

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