FSQ’s Commitment (mission)

FSQ deals in fresh produce, premium Ecuador roses. Our primary role and ongoing task is to supply the best quality roses in our role as an importer and exporter, while respecting people and the environment. We are known as ‘innovators’ in the field of plant breeding, ensuring exclusivity in the widest imaginable range, and we offer our customers a 24/7 service.

Meet FSQ (vision)

It is the ambition of FSQ to be the best European importer and exporter of quality roses from Ecuador by:

  • Offering a wide range of roses all year round.
  • Maintaining customer focus and supplying at the agreed quality level.
  • Operating short logistical connections.
  • Working exclusively with selected rose growers.
  • Providing expert guidance to its growers.
  • Offering employees interesting work in an effective organisation.
  • Environmentally and socially responsible business operations.
  • Continually surprising customers with new and exclusive varieties.
  • Facilitating the order process for customers wherever possible. Besides the usual ordering methods available in the web shop - by phone, email, app, and stock links - customers can now also order direct from the grower via the FSQ Buyers’ Platform.
  • Offering premium quality preserved roses under the brand name of RoseAmor. As with fresh Ecuador roses, the RoseAmor brand is the best choice in its product category, with the widest range and an accompanying FSQ service guarantee.

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