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Les roses d'Équateur avec le contrôle de qualité de Four Seasons Quality font le tour du monde. Depuis notre bureau en Equateur (Quito), nous pouvons organiser votre expédition de roses d'Equateur dans le monde entier. Four Seasons Quality dispose de personnel qualifié en Équateur qui peut acheter vos fleurs auprès des nombreux producteurs avec qui Four Seasons Quality collabore, et vous enlever tous les soucis relatifs au transport vers votre destination. Regardez ci-dessous avec quels partenaires internationaux nous collaborons. Ces partenaires achètent tous les jours des roses fraîches par la plate-forme de commercialisation de Four Seasons Quality.

  • FLOMART is one of the largest fresh cut flower wholesalers in Indonesia. Our office and warehouse are strategically located in the heart of flower industry in West Jakarta.
    FLOMART treats its customers with a personalized service tailored to their needs. We give each shipment the individual attention and handling it needs, specific to the client’s request. We strive to deliver the best quality flowers as you would find them in their country of origin.
    FLOMART has been importing its Ecuadorian Roses from Four Seasons Quality BV since 2005. Why FSQ? FSQ has been supportive to FLOMART all of these years by providing THE BEST QUALITY ROSES from Ecuador and giving us that personalized attention needed. FLOMART cannot be happier with the services provided by Four Seasons Quality. FLOMART thanks FSQ BV for making us one of the largest Ecuadorian Roses wholesalers in Indonesia.

  • “Hing Fat Flowers have been buying from FSQ for a number of years now…and because FSQ is a Dutch company, we always felt that communicating with them has always been clear and responsive, and most importantly they will always try their BEST to fill our orders no matter how last minute it may be…this is extremely important in the modern business world – fast responses and great customer service are key ingredients for success!” Simon Tsoi – Managing Director

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