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Four Seasons Quality has been one of the main sponsors of the Orphanage “San Vicente de Paul” through its Foundation “Orphanage Ecuador”. Thanks to this great initiative promoted by Four Seasons Quality’s director Huib Van Veen and the support of the company’s business partners, hundreds of children in Ecuador have been enjoying a good quality of life in terms of daily meals, housing and education.
FSQ team took advantage of the Flower show in Quito to take the children for a day trip to Uncle Mario’s Farm (La Granja del tío Mario). This is a petting zoo where the children had the opportunity to learn about the different animals, feed them and enjoy a nice playground in Quito’s city countryside.
These beautiful children could play with all kinds of animals, from feeding an ostrich to milking a cow. Most of this kids were amazed by the presence of this animals for the first time in their life.
We would like to thank all the sponsors that are making a reality this kind of experiences. Improving the life of hundreds of beautiful children and taking lots of smiles of their faces. FSQ team is looking forward for the next experience together with the orphanage “San Vicente de Paúl”
If you would like to be part of this initiative and provide support of any kind, please contact us. We would be happy to channel your help in the best way.
Thank you,
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