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We would like to congratulate Agrocoex with the completion of the first stage in their Fairtrade housing project! 

The housing project has 3 stages with a total of 100 houses for their workers.  The first stage is 100% completed which means, the communal services of the whole project have been completed along with the first 24 houses fully finished. 10 additional houses from the second stage are currently under construction.

We wanted to bring this Fairtrade project to your attention because Agrocoex does make a big difference in people’s lives by getting closely involved with social responsibility programs. 

One step at a time can help us make important changes to improve the lives of many people that deserve better opportunities and a brighter future.

This is prove of what great team work can achieve and we will look forward being part of more of their projects in the future.  

Contact sales for more information about our range of Fair Trade Certified roses.

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