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After a wonderfully busy spring filled with many Mother's Days, we are now in the middle of the wedding season, which is another wonderful period for Ecuador roses. In this newsletter we tell you more about our collaboration with Elle Denmark and SEVERS+JANSEN, The Hospitality Studio; another rose, perfectly in keeping with the wedding season, will be inducted into The Wall of Fame; everything you need to know about Chinese Valentine’s Day - a celebration that has the potential to be very important to our flower industry; and finally the follow-up to the story of the FSQ Exclusive Programme.

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Gypsophila million star & Xlence by Florsani.
It is available in water and by box.
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Sponsoring Elle style award | Denmark

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RoseAmor at Independent Hotel Show | RAI Amsterdam

The independent hotel show took place at the RAI Amsterdam on 8 and 9 May. This is the business event for independent luxury boutique hotels. SEVERS + JANSEN, The Hospitality Studio, partner of this show, featured the big red heart of RoseAmor prominently on their stand. Their slogan "We create your story with a hospitality heart" fits perfectly with the RoseAmor heart.
The Wall of Fame
Garden Rose White O'Hara
This beautiful white rose opens with to reveal a gorgeous swirled blush pink centre. It has a highly fragrant perfume which is difficult to describe - you definitely should smell it yourself. It is a perfect rose for a wedding bouquet or centre piece and it’s the most requested rose during the wedding season.
FSQ has this rose in their Exclusive Programme.
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Chinese Valentine’s Day August 7, 2019

Chinese Valentine or Qi Xi is celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th month in the Chinese Lunar calendar.

The number 7 symbolizes togetherness, and is the lucky number for relationships.

The myth is the story of Niulang, a cowherd and Zhinu a weaver girl. Zhinu was the 7th grandchild of Tiandi, the god of heaven and earth. Although their love was not allowed and they were prohibited to see each other, they would meet on earth once a year, on the 7th day of the 7th month. Their story which dates back more than 2,000 years has come to symbolise love in Chinese culture.

Women traditionally show their skills such as embroidery or melon carving during the Qi Xi festival. Men and women also go to a temple, burn paper offerings and pray for a prosperous marriage. Nowadays couples go out to eat like we do in the Netherlands. Unfortunately no roses are given on this day, but perhaps we can convince the Chinese to adopt this Dutch tradition?
San Vicente de Paul Orphanage
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How Humberto selects varieties for FSQ Exclusive

In the previous newsletter we took you through the first steps of the breeding process. We concluded with the moment that 200 plants were released after gaining Humberto's approval. In the first year, FSQ receives a number of samples every week, so that we can test the rose on all criteria.

In this article we discuss two of the eight criteria; head size and vase life. You can find the eight criteria in the previous newsletter.

The head size of the rose must have a minimum height of 6 cm and a diameter of 4.5 cm at the cutting stage to distinguish it from, for example, a Kenya rose. Of course exceptions are made for certain varieties. The reason for this could be, for example a special colour – as in the case of Quicksand, Amnesia and Sahara.

It is important that the rose will last in the vase for at least 7 days.

Below some good tips how can you ensure a long life for your cut roses at home.
• Use a clean vase, clean the vase with chlorine
• Use clean water
• Add cut flower food to the clean water
• Cut the stem diagonally with a sharp and clean knife
• Leave thorns on the stem as much as possible
• Do not let the leaves come into contact with the clean water
• Regularly top up the vase with fresh water
• Do not place the roses in a draft, in full sun, near radiators or next to a fruit bowl

After that first year, we will decide whether or not we will include the rose in our Exclusive Programme.

In the next newsletter we will discuss the Head Shape and the petals.
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