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Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter. In this edition you can read about the history of Valentine’s Day and the promotion of RoseAmor at the Dutch Vault for Design, Art & Fashion, X BANK Amsterdam. We give you an update on the San Vicente de Paul Orphanage, and introduce you to the FSQ “Wall of Fame”, in which we celebrate all-time classic roses, as well as highlighting newer varieties that are destined to become stars.

But first, let’s celebrate the loves of our lives… Today is Valentine’s Day and Love is in the air!  We truly hope that you haven’t forgotten to give the person you love an Ecuador Rose from Four Seasons Quality ;) It was our pleasure to supply you with our premium Ecuador Roses, and we hope that you had great Valentine sales.

Our aim with this newsletter is to inform you about our work and to inspire you with our love for ‘The Rose’.  For thousands of years, this queen among flowers has been loved for its beauty and as a symbol of love and respect.  At FSQ, we work with this unique and colourful, fresh product 365 days per year as both importer and exporter.

Stay tuned! We will publish the newsletter every 2 months, and we’ll deliver it directly to your mailbox.  If you prefer not to receive the newsletter, please unsubscribe via the Mailchimp button below. And please don’t forget to order your roses for International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2019.

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Valentine's Day 

When you think of Valentine’s Day, you think about Ecuador Roses. The roses you buy for your loved one. 

But how did the tradition of writing anonymous Valentine letters begin? Valentinus of Rome, an early Christian martyr, was imprisoned for performing marriages for soldiers which was illegal in the Roman Empire and for administering to persecuted Christians.  According to legend, during his imprisonment, St. Valentine restored the sight of the blind daughter of one of his accusers.  Before his death he wrote her a letter signed “Your Valentine”.  St. Valentine died on 14th February and so the tradition began!

The Wall of Fame 

This column will feature in every newsletter. In this first edition we highlight a rose that belongs on FSQ’s “Wall of Fame”.


Freedom is the first rose inducted to the Wall of Fame. This is the perfect rose to give to your loved one. It tells him or her:  “I love you”. Rosen Tantau introduced Freedom in 2004. It is a vibrant, pure dark red colour, and is a large headed variety with rolling petals.  You can expect it to explode into a gorgeous big rose with a head size of 7 centimetres.

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New to our collection

Hypericum by Eternal Flowers are the best you can get from Ecuador! Hypericum grows in Ecuador all year round. The berries of the hypericum are available in six different colours, from white to dark red.

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RoseAmor at X BANK Amsterdam 
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San Vicente de Paul Orphanage

Four Seasons Quality is not only a supplier of high-quality roses. Through its Foundation “Orfanato”, Four Seasons Quality also strives to provide a good quality of life to the babies and children in the care of the San Vicente de Paul Orphanage in Quito, Ecuador. The Foundation was set up with the aim of giving orphans in Ecuador a better life and improved prospects for the future. For more than sixteen years, Four Seasons Quality and its partners have helped provide hundreds of children with food, accommodation and education at the San Vincente de Paul. Recently we have renewed the mattresses for all children.

Would you like to receive more information? Please send an email to info@fsq.nl addressed to the Orfanato Foundation.  If you want to contribute to this wonderful project, please send your donations to Deutsche Bank Amsterdam, bank account number (Euro) NL59 DEUT 0574 5929 89, BIC DEUTNL2N, addressed to the Orfanato Foundation.

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And the journey continues..
In the next newsletter we will introduce a new item – New Variety Development. In this article we will explain to you more about the development of a variety.  In the meantime, what do you think are the most important factors to take into consideration when developing a new variety?
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