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This year International Floriculture and Horticulture Trade Fair IFTF 2018 was a special show for FSQ. Four Seasons Quality with its Director Humberto van Veen made the launch of the new logo, shared the reason for this and its meaning with all our visitors. 

This show of unveiling the passion with quality roses and the history behind it, made us communicate to all our customer what we want to provide with our special products. 

This was accompanied with the most beautiful roses in the world. A mix between cut roses, garden roses, spray roses, garden spray roses and tainted roses. FSQ also presented different products like Hypericum and Gypsophila.

We appreciate your visit and enjoyed the time spend with our customers and all visitors. We hope to meet you again next year. 

Thank you for choosing Four Seasons Quality! Your partner in Roses!

Ecuador Rozen

Ecuador Roses

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