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Newsletter from the Orfanato Foundation (Ecuador)

Dear Sir, Madame,

Christmas seasons has arrived and children of “San Vicente de Paul” are full of excitement with the season festivities. Thanks to all the support we receive from you as sponsors, children have been enjoying good healthcare, a proper education, nice activities and a great nutrition.

All the children would like to thank you for being their sponsor and make them live in a good environment every day. Children also would like to communicate to all our sponsors the best of wishes for this Christmas and a great year 2019.

For the year 2018 all children have successfully succeeded on their studies. They have also enjoyed field trips to the country side enjoying the nature and animals in Ecuador.

With the contributions the Orphanage has received this year all children went to school and got a good care of their health. They have been administered vaccines for the cold viruses that are common in Quito.  In addition, the facilities have improved greatly. An electrical failure which was risky for the personnel and children has been fixed for a long term use.

There still much to be done to make this good cause sustainable:

-          They are in need of new mattresses for the children, the ones they use have 15 years some are tearing apart.

-          Because of the increasing cold weather they are in need of new heating devices.

-          Some new spaces need new paint and to have a moist treatment, the moist can affect children’s health.

FSQ Team would like to gather all its partners to keep supporting this initiative. The Orfanato Foundation asks for your kind help with a standard contribution to sponsor one week of food for the children, we can achieve that with a donation of 300 US Dollars.

Please let us know the amount you wish to contribute this year. You can also help us by sharing this initiative with your friends and partners. There are more children who need your help.

If you would like to receive more information please send an email to addressed to the Orfanato Foundation. You can also find the Foundation’s news on our website and Facebook page.

Thank you greatly for the help and support you give to this children.

FSQ team

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