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Dear Sir, Madame,

It has been over 16 years since hundreds of children of “San Vicente de Paul” in Quito-Ecuador, have been enjoying daily care in the form of meals, place to sleep and education. Four Seasons Quality, next to our partners is proud to sponsor and follow this good cause.

For the year 2018 children have secured access to their study cycle. There is a total of 43 children and 22 babies that are taken good care off. The schools’ children attend depends on the age they have.

We have supported the children to study in the following institutes:

- San Carlos School
- Ángel de la Guarda School
- María de Nazareth middle School
- Father Carolo Juvenile Centre

 With the contributions the Orphanage has received, children with physical problems had the opportunity to receive needed surgery and medical care.

- Beautiful Sharon (4 years old) had a head and stomach surgery, now she can eat normally and enjoy some play time with the other kids.
-Matilda (6 years old) has a right hip surgery that will enable her to walk again in time.

This kids are now recovering and enjoying the chance to live a happy and normal life.

 The people that are part of the Orphanage “San Vicente de Paul” are grateful for the help given by FSQ and its partners. They will work hard to give to the children all the care they need and provide the daily smiles that brighten their days.

There still much to be done to make this good cause sustainable. They are in need of a professional electrician that could help them repair the Orphanage´s indoor electrical main frame, the cables are old and its starting to give some problems.

Thank you for the help you give to this children.

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